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Help Ukrainian Refugees Access Mental Health!

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This project will help set up pop-up clinics throughout Europe to provide mental health services to Ukrainians fleeing war in their home-country. We will train 30 practitioners from all over Europe and are already setting up clinics along bordering countries with Ukraine to provide trauma-informed care to migrants and refugees coming in.


Acupuncturists Without Borders (AWB) is actively organizing support for people being forced to flee Ukraine including Ukrainian citizens, students and migrants from other countries, and refugees from Africa and the Middle East who once again have to find safe haven.This is a major crisis, and it means an expansion of AWB’s trauma relief work. As we mobilize, we need and appreciate our community’s continued support to bring the medicine of peace to people escaping war and violence.


We are: Working with international and European colleagues to establish on-the-ground refugee support in bordering countries. Organizing online trauma informed care trainings for practitioners/medical personnel in Ukraine so that they can provide ear seed treatments and other services in local language where necessary. Organizing supply reserves and starting to screen interested volunteers that can join AWB’s effort on the ground in Europe.

Long-Term Impact

Our next goal is to help mobilize and support LOCAL acupuncturists and health practitioners that live and work in the countries where refugees are going: Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, etc. They are licensed in their countries and can provide urgently needed front-line services in the short term. This is also the best way to partner with local refugee support organizations/NGOs for the longer term.